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Aaron Plunkett Memorial & Celebrating the Life of Aaron Plunkett

Index of photos and videos documenting "Aaron Plunkett's Public Memorial" at Tay House Lodge, Cobbs Hill Park and the "Celebrating the Life of Aaron Plunkett" benefit concert at Water Street Music Hall Rochester, NY.

Music by Park Ave Band, 55 minutes video & 75 photos. Cravin' Bliss, 66 minutes video & 55 photos. Into the Now, 80 minutes video & 130 photos. & Hollywood Squares 90 minutes video & 110 photos.

Aaron's Public Memorial 50 minutes video & 100 photos. Memorial events include Rochester Drum Circle, eulogies, balloon launch, and a group hug.

There is a link for each band in order of appearance, and the memorial, in the column on the left, as well as relevant outside links . Each page has the band's video, 10 sample photos, and a slideshow of all photos shot during their set.

On a personal note, I first moved to the Monroe Ave. around 1992 and by 2008 I had lived in 5 different Monroe Ave. dwellings. Stopping in to see Aaron was a regular part of any other trip out on Monroe Ave. that had me passing his store. He was a good friend, a good friend to all who entered his store, the music community, Dead Head Nation, he will be missed.

A comment box has been provided at the bottom of each band page, the memorial page, and this page, Please leave a comment, and Please use the share button at the top of the left column. Thanks

Video Playlist: Park Ave Band, Cravin' Bliss, Into the Now, Hollywood Squares, Memorial

Watch all 5 videos with 1 click, run time is 5 hours and 40 minutes. For all photos & videos of each band select a band from the left column.
Caricature by Mary Kay Arts MaryKayArts.Com or Mary Kay on Facebook
"I designed this picture as a kind of spiritual icon. I love that he is showing up everywhere.
Rock on, Aaron!" Mary Kay Williams