City Newspaper's Best Busker Contest 2012 Video Playlist

Video Playlist City Newspaper's Best Busker Contest: 1st Place - Washboard Dave, 2nd Place - Bogs Visionary Orchestra, 3rd Place - Jinn Farfast. More great musicians performing in this video: Michelle Younger, Scott Sekelton, Hankerin Harry, Rodger Chenelly, Tim Wagner Finster Baby, Loaded Goat, Derrick Thomas, Brian Tomaszewski, Divine Miss B, Poncho Reddin, Stephan Bland

City Newspaper's Best Busker Contest 2012 Photo Slideshow

The 2012 Best Busker Contest held by City Newspaper for the 3rd year in a row on East Avenue in Rochester, NY

Photos of City Newspaper's 3rd Annaul Best Busker Contest include Washboard Dave - Percussion, Bogs Visionary Orchestra - Multiple Instruments, Jinn Farfast - Guitar and Improv Song, Michelle Younger - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals, Scott Sekelton - Banjo, Kick Tambourine, Vocals, Hankerin Harry - Guitar, Harmonica, Washtub Bass, Vocals, Rockin Rodger Chenelly - Guitar, Vocals, Tim Wagner - Finster Baby, Loaded Goat - Guitar, Vocals, Derrick Thomas - Guitar, Vocals, Brian Tomaszewski - Ukulele on a Unicycle, Divine Miss B - A capella, Poncho Reddin - Fiddle, Vocals, Stephan Bland - Violin, Banjo, Vocals, Guitourist - Guitar, Vocals, and City News staff including Frank De Blase, plus RocPic helpers Ma Trip and Ron Trip

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