Northeast Funk at Lovin' Cup Rochester, NY

Written by Ron Morales on August 9th, 2014
Rochester, NY

As a fan of the local ROC music scene, I am becoming more fond of the Lovin' Cup . It's a fantastic club / restaurant brimming with visual art and live music. I work 3rd shift and weekends starting 11pm, so I shoot most of my bands at daytime festivals, or clubs close to downtown Rochester, NY where I work.

I get lots of invites to shoot bands at the Lovin' Cup, every now and then the planets line up and I'll shoot a show and go to work a little bit late. Such was the case Saturday, July 19th, 2014. Having been invited to shoot the band Northeast Funk (NEF), and being quite familiar with band members Drew Gansz and Doug Egling from seeing them at the open mic Super Sunday Soul Jam, the time seemed ripe to add another band to the list of bands I have shot after meeting them at some other happy event.

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Set list: 1. Sing A Simple Song 2. Pick Up The Pieces 3. Boogie Oogie Oogie 4. Tell Me Something Good 5. Sweet Thing 6. Square Biz 7. Play That Funky Music 8. Maputo 9. Skin Tight 10. Golden 11. Flashlight 12. Mr. Magic 13. Happy Birthday, Selena, Chuck, and Drew

I had seen all of the band members - Lady Shayla Brooks, Lawrence Alan, Charles Davis, Drew Gansz, Doug Egling, Glenn Beard at the Super Sunday Soul Jam, but Drew and Doug are at the Jam almost every week, so I was most familiar with them and their playing styles.

I think it's worth mentioning that guitar player Drew Gansz is only 16 years old, and often shares a stage with Joe Beard, and yes, Glenn Beard is related to Joe. Also, sax is my favorite instrument, so I'm pretty motivated to shoot a band that has a sax-man such as Doug Egling.

Not surprisingly, it was a night of well polished, funky music, that had the crowd dancing, and applauding loudly. You get to check it all out in the 13 videos and 62 photos found on this page. What you won't get is the yummy to go Angus Burger "Trash Talk" with mac salad and fries, you will have to go to the Lovin' Cup for that. See you out there !

The photos are hosted on Flickr, you will see a timer on the right corner of the slideshow title bar running while the photos load. Give it a minute before you hit refresh.

Northeast Funk at Lovin' Cup Rochester, NY

Northeast Funk at Lovin' Cup Rochester, NY

Flickr Slideshow Northeast Funk at Lovin' Cup Rochester, NY

Videos - Northeast Funk at the Lovin' Cup Rochester, NY July 19th, 2014

  • Videos Northeast Funk Page 1
  • * Sing A Smiple Song * Pick Up The Pieces * Boogie Oogie Oogie * Tell Me Something Good

  • Videos Northeast Funk Page 2
  • * Sweet Thing * Square Biz * Play That Funky Music * Maputo

  • Videos Northeast Funk Page 3
  • * Skin Tight * Golden * Flashlight * Mr. Magic * Happy Birthday

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