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BANDALOOP ROC NY Bandaloop HSBC Building Rochester NY 2013
Fringe Festival ROC NY Bandaloop Rochester NY Fringe Festival
BANDALOOP Takes A Bow Bandaloop taking a bow HSBC Rocheste NY Fringe Festival 2013
Fringe Fest Store Fringe Festival Store Rochester NY 2013
ROC Fringe Fest News

BANDALOOP Video: ~ Rochester NY Fringe Festival 2013 ~

BANDALOOP ~ Rochester NY Fringe Festival 2013 from RocPic.Com on Vimeo.

BANDALOOP 10 of 50 Photos: ~ Rochester NY Fringe Festival 2013 ~

bandaloopdancersrochesternyfringefestival2013_small.jpg apairofbandaloopdancersrochesternyfringefestival2013_small.jpg bandaloopdancersfringefestival2013hsbcbuildingrochesterny_small.jpg backflips100feethighbandaloopdancersrochesterfringefestival2013_small.jpg bandaloopdancerstictactoerochesterfringefestival2013_small.jpg
bandaloopdancersrochesternyfringefestival2013hsbcbuilding_small.jpg seethisonvideo20minutesbandaloopdancersrochesternyfringefestival2013exclusivelyonrocpiccom_small.jpg minutevideowiththebandaloopdancersrochesternyfringefestivalexclusivelyonrocpiccom_small.jpg bandaloopdancershsbcbuildingrochesternyfringefestival2013_small.jpg bandaloopdancerstakingabow10000pluscrowdrochesternyfringefestival2013_small.jpg

BANDALOOP 50 Photo Slideshow: ~ Rochester NY Fringe Festival 2013 ~

BANDALOOP ~ Rochester NY Fringe Festival 2013 ~

About BANDALOOP "A pioneer in vertical dance performance, BANDALOOP seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side. Founded by choreographer and artistic director Amelia Rudolph, BANDALOOP's work has been presented in theaters and museums, on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards and historical sites, in atriums and convention halls, in nature on cliffs, and on screen. BANDALOOP honors nature, community and the human spirit by bringing dance to new audiences, activating public and natural spaces, and re-imagining what dance can be."