Super Sunday Soul Jam 09/14/14 Flour City Station

Photos & Videos by Ron Morales September 14th, 2014
Rochester, NY

Welcome to week number 2, season 2, of the Super Sunday Soul Jam. The SSSJ is now held at the brand new Flour City Station, 170 East Ave, Rochester, NY, near Spot Coffee. The food is great, plenty of seating at tables near the elevated stage, more comfy tables and chairs in the back of the room in the sunlight, and a great patio on the front of the building looking at East Avenue and WHEC TV10. The music is outstanding, it's an open mic that draws musicians of all ages, and from out of Monroe County, to perform at what I say is the best party in Rochester, NY on a Sunday afternoon. That's right, from mid September until about the middle of May 2015, there will be a huge party going on at Flour City Station open mic with Mitty and the Followers.

I've done what I can to make this page smartphone, and tablet friendly. The photo slideshow comes in the traditional Flickr format, but displays using Responsive Web Design (RWD). The slideshow will expand and contract as you resize your broswer, all images and videos in this story will (should) behave that way. The alternative slideshow for smartphones is served up by Flickrit - using HTML 5 .

My "Dozen Favorites Photos" are part of a great compromise. If I could I would host all photos directly on RocPic.Com - while I do have "Unlimited" storage, and bandwidth, there are still LIMITS - So, the photos on site are a good sample of whats in the folders, and it gives the search engines a good idea of what is really on these pages.

This is only my second major posting using RWD as an index for multiple photos and videos. If you find any broken links, let me know via Facebook. The next time I will be at the SSSJ is October 4th, 2014. Thanks and Enjoy! See you out there!

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Super Sunday Soul Jam 09/14/14 Videos
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Mitty & Followers
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Paul Refici
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Drew Gansz
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Steve Feder
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Chris Vandenbos
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Richard Maxwell
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James Catino
Video 8 of 9
Keith Stevens
Video 9 of 9
Nate & Renee

A Dozen Favorite Photos On Site - Super Sunday Soul Jam 09/14/14

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