Rochester NY Radio Stations

Frequency & Radio Station

88.5 FM WRUR Alternative

89.7 FM WITR Alternative

90.1 FM WGMC Jazz

90.5 FM WBER Alternative

91.5 FM WXXI Classical

92.5 FM WBEE Country

93.3 FM WFKL Classic Hits

94.1 FM WZNE Alternative

95.1 FM WFXF Wease

96.5 FM WCMF Classic Rock

98 FM WPXY Top 40

98.9 FM WBZA Classic Hits

100.5 FM WDVI Modern AC

101.3 FM WRMM Soft AC

102.3 FM WVOR Modern AC

102.7 FM WLGZ Nostalgia

103.9 FM WDKX Urban

106.7 FM WKGS KISS Top 40

107.3 FM WNBL Country

Frequency & Radio Station

950 AM WROC ESPN Sports

1040 AM WYSL News

1180 AM WHAM FOX News

1280 AM WHTK FOX Sports

1370 AM WXXI PBS News

151.655 ROC Medical EMS

154.130 ROC Fire ROC FD

155.280 ROC EMS ROC 911

155.295 MC EMS County 911

162.400 ROC Weather WX

254.300 ROC Airport Tower

453.425 NYS Thruway NYSTA

460.025 ROC Police ROC PD

460.300 MC Pub Safety County

460.475 MC Sheriff County

Rochester NY Radio Stations 2015 Update

Written by Ron Morales on June 1st, 2015
Rochester, NY

I am addicted to the radio. I have been a radio addict since first grade, when I tore the transistor radio out of the belly of my sister's toy stuffed dog. 50 years later, I still own a pocket AM/FM radio that I use daily. But, thanks to the internet, I often have a major league baseball game, talk radio, and jazz music, playing as a mashup. Rochester, NY is a great radio town, with a long history with ties to George Eastman, a topic I will post more about in the future. A taste of that Rochester radio history is found on this page, in the photo on the right and videos below.

Postcard Rochester Radio City Rochester, NY
Photo: Rochester Radio City. It housed WHAM, WHFM (Rochester's first FM station) and WHAM-TV, Rochester's first television station, which began airing in 1949. Credit: Rochester Public Library

I placed the Rochester, NY radio station links at the top of this page for your convenience. On the right you will find more links for Rochester radio stations, plus some of my favourite news, talk, sports, and weather radio stations from around the USA and the world. You will also find links for radio software, such as my favourite Winamp, a gem for playing .mp3 and .m3u formats, and links to web sites with radio station links. Be sure to check out Rochester's three .edu alternative format radio stations, the world leader since 1985 WBER, plus WITR and WRUR, but trust me, WBER is the ONE!

Enable pop-ups on RocPic.Com to pop out webcams without toolbars for best viewing.

WBER 2010 Fundraiser Sgt. Pepper Shout Out!

WBER 90.5 FM Rochester NY 2010 http://WBER.Org Fundraiser celebration shout out by from Left to right: Station Manager Joey Guisto, Sgt. Pepper leading the shout, the Mayor of Nickville and Colonel Pat with Furious Yellow crouching

A Look At WSAY 1370 AM Rochester NY

Uploaded on Mar 24, 2011 In advance of the Rochester Radio Reunion, former WSAY staffer Bob Greene reminisces of just one of the MILLIONS of incidents that took place at Rochester, New York's UNIQUE radio station. It was Top 40. Then MOR. Then Top 40. Then progressive rock. Then country. The only commercials on the log (during my 18 months there) were "Back To The Bible" at 9am and The Family Rosary For Peace, networked to WMBO-FM in Auburn. We were told to deliver the :30 open and close LIVE - and it was shift change. So, it wasn't out of the question for the afternoon guy to open the show (with "help") from the Night guy -and vice-versa. Bob's story is priceless.

Brother Wease Late Night Circus With Koo Koo Boy

Uploaded on Oct 8, 2006 Koo-Koo Boy made their regional network TV debut on Brother Wease's Prime Time Circus. Lou Gramm of Foreigner & Joan Osborne were also on the bill, making for a somewhat schizophrenic evening's entertainment. Miss Marble & Miss Demeanor are the dancers. House band is the Essentials. Rochester, New York.

Brother Wease Late Night Circus With Howie Mandell

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2007 Howie Mandell makes an appearance on The Late Night Circus With Brother Wease. A show that aired out of Rochester NY in the early 90's featured 96.5 WCMFs morning talk show host, Brother Wease. The video comes from a college documentary about The Late Night Circus show. It does not come from a first generation copy so the video leaves a little to be desired. If at first the sound doesn't seem to work, don't worry.......Howies mic was not working right away and kicks in after a few seconds. Either way you look at it, it is a cool clip of Howie Mandell on a hometown show that you will not be able to see anywhere else.



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